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Our Mission

Created with the yearning to ensure that every woman has the tools to harness her inner Goddess through adornment of her waist and yoni health. Each product is produced with love tenderness and joy


The Yoni Steam Journey

Prior to Quarantine Founder Jennifer was diagnosed with multiple small Fibroids. During Quarantine she began to feel discomfort and pressure in her pelvis. Under the care of a holistic doctor she began a diet of mostly raw whole foods, exercising, and yoni steaming daily. By the beginning of the next season the pressure had subsided and her GYN made no further mention of the size of the fibroids.

The Waistbead Journey

On a journey to the Motherland, Jennifer fell in love with the history, culture, and people of Ghana. The connection was so enormous, it led her to believe Ghana to be the home of her ancestors. One thing in particular that Jennifer came to appreciate was the tradition of wearing and making waistbeads. As a result she began crafting strands of beads to share with friends and family.

We hope this inspiration helps you in your steps to move forward in your journey!

Be Beautiful!

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